Girls Night Out


By Annie and Molly Fortnow

Chapter 1
Meet the Girls

This is Maria. She’s very kind and a good helper. She’s very thoughtful of other people. This is Maria.

Meet Jennifer. Call her Jenny. Jenny is athletic and loves to have fun. She can do any kind of gymnastics thing you ask her to do. This is Jenny.

Elise. You have to be very patient to like her. Although she is funny, she’s not the easiest person to be with. Her main study is writing. That’s Elise.

Nicole. Everybody loves Nicole. She’s pretty, and sweet, but sometimes she’s a little pest. A great good side, but a terrible bad side. That has to be Nicole.

Chapter 2
How the Girls Meet

Jenny was practicing her volleyball in the school gym. So were three other girls. Who could they be? she thought.

“Who are you guys?” yelled a shy girl.

“I don’t know, who are you?” said Jenny.

“I’m Maria,” she said. “What’s your names?”

“Well, my name is Elise,” said a curly haired girl.

“My name is Jennifer. Call me Jenny,” yelled Jenny.

“I don’t know any of you. By the way, I’m Nicole,” yelled a pretty girl.

All of the girls talked and practiced, and realized that everybody liked music. “I like classic,” called Elise.

“So do I,” called Maria.

“Rock & Roll’s my thing,” called Jenny.

“Me? I like hip hop,” said Nicole.

Everyone giggled and played. After this it would be time to go home. They walked out of the school together, joking and laughing. “What a fun day,” said Jenny. That was the day.

Chapter 3
Girls Go Out

It’s been a week now, and the girls are now best friend. They have friendship bracelets, and they love them. They’re planning on going out. “I can’t wait!” said Jenny.

“Calm down please,” said Maria. “You’re always playful.”

“Come on you two. We have to hurry. We don’t want to miss our reservations,” Elise said impatiently.

Nicole walked along quietly She was scared. Even though these girls were her best friends, she was still scare. She had never been out before without a grownup.

“Snap out of it Nicole!” Elise interrupted Nicole’s thoughts.

“You two can’t fight. Please don’t fight.” Maria gestured to the door.

“Yea you guys, I mean girls!” Jenny agreed. “Enough is enough.”

They entered the mall.

“Girlfriends is my favorite restaurant,” Elise said.

“I’ve never been here,” said Jenny as they walked in.

“I haven’t either,” added Maria.

“You guys will love it,” Elise told them.

“What about you Nicole?” Maria asked the sad looking person next to here.

Wah, wah, huh? Oh me. Don’t worry about me,” Nicole said in a small voice.

“Nicole are you alright? You seem…sad,” Elise said.

“Yea, are you OK?” added Jenny.

Maria touched Nicole gently. “Are you sick?” she asked.

“I feel fine. I’m just a little scared. I’ve never been out at a restaurant without a grownup,” Nicole said.

“It’s OK to be scared,” Jenny said.

Elise added “I was scared my first time too.”

Then Maria spoke up. “You see, we’re your best friends and we’re going to help you feel better. That’s what friends are for.”

They were served and had a good dinner.

Chapter 4
How they meet The Boys

Skedadle,” said Elise as she held the door for her friends.

“I’m glad you guys cheered me up,” said Nicole.

“Good,” said Maria. “We wanted to cheer you up.”

Jenny whistled as they went out the door. Then they bumped into something hard. It was four boys.

One boy said “Boo.”

Another said “Skedadle.”

The last said “Ow.”

“Who are you?” said Elise. Then the boys fainted.

“They think we’re beautiful,” said Maria. Then they awoke. They stood up and started to go.

“Wait!” said Jenny. But it was too late. All of the girls noticed that every boy had their shoe untied when they slipped out of their shoe.

“Wait!” called Jenny again. She knew she was too late, like last time.

Chapter 5
Social Group

It was Monday. They were signing up for the next term which started on Tuesday.

“Oh, Boy,” said Jenny. “I can’t wait!”

“I’m signing up for history and social group. I just love getting together with all of my friends in social group,” said Nicole.

“Why don’t we all sign up?” asked Maria.

“I agree,” said Elise.

Nicole wrote her name under social group.

“Hold it!” said the social group instructor. “It’s full.”

Social group was the best class. You sit down, have a snack and talk with friends. If you are really good, the instructor gives you candy! That why it was all full.

“Am I the last person?” Nicole asked anxiously.

“Yep,” said the instructor. She took the clipboard off the wall and left the area.

“Now what are we going to do?” asked Jenny.

“It’s too late now. You guys can’t sign up for it,” Nicole said.

“We should have came early,” said Elise.

The boys walked to sign up for after school events group.

“Look. They’re the boys that slipped out of their shoes. I have the shoes at home.” Maria whispered.

“Let’s sign up for what they’re signing up for,” said Nicole.

So they did.

Chapter 6
Meet the Boys

Boo! This is Jacob. Call him Jake. He’s the captain of the football team and soccer champ. His gym shoes are on. Ready for anything. Jake.

Shh! Mark is by. He is quiet and shy but as hard as a rock. He is kind and has a loving heart. His hobby is to clean his room and as a vegetarian he protect the wild life. Be ready. Be quiet. Mark is by.

Scadaddle! Aid is coming. He always carries a squirt bottle in his back pocket. But in his front pocket he carries a first aid kit. Although he’s classical, he can make a cat laugh. Aid, like first aid.

Ow! Nick is very sensitive. Outside: Cute. Inside: Not so cute. All the girls love him, but they dis him. Nick is on the run from an angry mob of girls.

But the boys are different than the girls. They met long ago.

Chapter 7
The Ingrown Toenail

“Sniff it,” said Elise.

Ew! I’m not gonna sniff the Nike sneaker,” said Jenny.

“I’ll sniff it,” said Nicole. With one whiff of the Nike sneaker, Nicole fell over.

“Are you alright?” asked Maria.

Nicole’s eyes slowly opened. She saw her friends above her. “What happened?” she asked.

“Never sniff the Nike sneaker,” said Maria.

Elise heard a strange noise It was coming from outside Elise stepped to the open window and looked out. “Look,” Elise said to the rest of the girls.

The girls looked out. A strange dog was whimpering on the side walk. He was brown, a hound dog. On his neck was a silver collar and he had a patch on his ear. The girls went outside to look at him more closely.

Maria touched his fur and said “He’s alone.”

Nicole read the collar out loud. “Eat lots of fiber,” she said. It was in fancy handwriting.

Ew!” said Elise. “The dog has an ingrown toenail!”

“Why would the collar say ‘eat lots of fiber’?” asked Jenny.

“Yeah,” said Maria.

“It’s a mystery!” said Nicole.

Chapter 8
Eat Lots of Fiber

“His name must be ‘eat lots of fiber’!” said Jenny.

“Who would name their dog ‘eat lots of fiber’?” Elise asked.

“I would,” said a voice from behind them.

The girls looked behind. A tall strange man, all dressed in black was standing on the curb. In his belt, he had a first aid kit and a squirt gun. Suddenly…BOOM! The man fell off the curb and turned into…four boys!

“The missing shoes!” the girls said together. All four girls ran inside to get all four shoes.

“Our shoes!” the boys said in unison, putting their shoes back on. Then they fell in love.

Chapter 9
Good Date

The girls walked into Rose Bud, escorted by their boys. Jenny was with Jake and Maria with Mark. Elise was with Aid and Nicole was with Nick. The host brought them to their table.

“Cool!” shouted Maria as she pointed to the fish tank.

The waiter came to the table and said “What would you like to drink?”

They told him what they wanted to drink. An aroma of hot chocolate filled the air as the waiter set the drinks on the table.

“What would you like to eat?” asked the waiter. “Our soup of the day is crab crabby, an Italian crab soup mixed with salt and pepper.”

The boys decided to share a large dish of salty fish. The girls ordered salads.

“I’ll be back shortly.” The waiter said.

Their food came and they ate happily.

“What a good date,” said Elise as they walked out of the restaurant.

Chapter 10
Girls Rock Out

It was Friday night and the girls were backstage getting ready for their first concert. Their band was called Girls Night Out.

Elise walked on the stage. “Introducing…Girls Night Out!”

The girls came on the stage. Jenny was singing, Maria was dancing, Elise was playing the drums, and Nicole was playing the guitar.

The boys were there too. “Rock on!” yelled the boys in the crowd.

Maria had really changed. She used to do ballet, but now she danced like a real rock star.

At the end of the concert, the girls went out for ice cream. There’s nothing like a girls night out!

The End